Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Giana is AMAZING! She has helped me, my son, and my husband. My husband has a very physical job, and he struggled with arm numbness and cramping. Within a couple weeks, it was a lot better! I have had neck and back pain from a car accident when I was 15 and from breastfeeding, and Dr. Giana has lessened the pain. My hips and back are back in alignment, which has helped tremendously. My son was struggling with balance (he was 13 months when she first saw him). The first day she adjusted him, he could stand on his own without losing his balance! Within a week, he was walking confidently! I highly, highly recommend Backes Family Chiropractic to EVERYONE!"

- Rebekah L.

"I love how Dr. Giana always remembers to ask about things going on in her patients’ lives. The office is a family friendly environment, and I have found the adjustments to be beneficial both during pregnancy and recovery."

- Abigail H.

"Went in with a lot of problems including needing a hip replacement. After the initial exam Dr. Backes said she could help me and possibly avoid surgery. Progress is great and I'm feeling so much better. We are half way through the sessions she thought it would take...a lot of improvement and I couldn't be happier!"

- Mark B.

"I have been seeing Dr. Giana for years now. Before seeing her I had constant headaches and neck pain. I was seeing her monthly for adjustments which made a huge difference. Recently I started seeing her weekly and I haven't had any neck pain or headaches since."

- Emily S.

"Everyone is so amazing! All my littles have benefited from getting their adjustments. We came originally because my son has many stomach issues and it has done wonders for not only him but my other guy went from not sleeping through the night to sleeping 14+ hours! I can always tell when they need an adjustment. So thankful for Dr. Giana and all she has done for my children! ❤"

- Kimberly Y.

"Love the calm and positive feelings as I come in at each appointment, and for being taken care of so well during my pregnancy!"

- Abigail H.G.

"I love Dr G. She is great with myself and my kids. They are at ease with her and she can "adjust" (see what I did there?) to the ever-changing mood of a 3-year-old. I can speak with her about what ails me as well."

- Lakisha P.

"Dr. G is a very laid-back chiropractor. Which makes it easy to talk about any health issues. And get the proper adjustment. She also does an excellent job with our 3.5 year old twins. Would recommend her."

- Philip H.

"My girls and I love coming here to get adjusted. The staff is so friendly and the care is top notch!"

- Rebecca S.

"We take all 3 of our kids here. They are absolutely amazing with them. Our kids get excited every time they go to the chiropractor. When I had questions they always made sure to answer them and make sure I was ok with the plan they had for our kids. I highly recommend them!"

- Amanda P.

"I always knew I had something wrong with my back, even in middle school but never really thought more of it until a recent diagnosis. I didn't realize what was all going on, until I came here and Dr. Giana was so detailed, I really didn't have to ask any questions because she explained everything so well! Only had my first adjustment & I can already tell a difference! And the fact she followed up with me about the first adjustment to see how I'm feeling, was so great!! Never had such a great doctor experience until now!"

- Dallas R.B.

"Came in with some lower back pain when putting my shoes on. My wife had been going to Doctor Giana and could not believe how good she felt after seeing her. I have to say I was totally impressed with Doctor Giana. In the first visit I already started feeling the difference and in a short period of time Doctor Giana had me back at 100%. Thanks so very much."

- Troy N.

"Dr. Backes is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and you can tell she really takes pride in her work. I would highly recommend her."

- Kevin S.

"Dr. Giana is a phenomenal chiropractor that truly cares about her patients."

- Matthew W.


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